Issue Imma Beast sold Lady Nile out and  Kim Kardashian pretends to be Lady Nile! LOL


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Lady Nile

It is becoming well known; that Lady Nile is an astronomical rapper, singer, poet, and song writer. As a recording artist, she has successfully completed 2 projects. “Hip-Hypocrisy” and “Hot mah mah ” mix tape. You can purchase Hip-Hopcrisy on . Become a supporter, fan, and customer of Lady Nile. She is determined to bring Chicago‘s Hip-Hop scene to the world. Her Shakespearean type lyrics are dynamic and phenomenal. Many Chicago-ans today often compliment Lady Nile’s projects and are joyous about her work. LNE will like for you to enjoy her work as well.

Facts about Lady Nile:

1. Has been a writer, rapper since 2000

2. Was a teacher for Chicago, IL

3. Hosted Nile Educational talk show on KLAV the Talk of Vegas

4. Taught Computer Applications and Communication at High Tech Institute in Las Vegas .

5.  Graduated with her Masters degree in Education with a 4.0

6.  Co-chaired the  Homeless feeding programs for her church in Las Vegas !

7. Completed albums Hip-Hopcrisy and Hot Mah-Mah mixtapes in 2010.

8. Started Lady Nile Ent ( which was a music group  in Chicago  in 2010. artist like Oz Moses, Bipolar, Ms. Future,Lady Nile 9. Is in the process of recording her next album!

10.  Will be bringing her Poetry Book out Feb. 2013.

11. Will be bringing her Educational Software onboard in 2013.

Hello world!

Welcome to ,  I would just like to introduce myself to everyone .  I’m a rapper,poet, songwriter, singer , Humanitarian, and Educator from Chicago , IL .   I’m also looking to do some acting and modeling down the line . So far I’ve been a teacher in Chicago,IL  and LasVegas, NV  for many years . I use to educate my students with the use of hip-hop. So far I’ve completed 2 albums,  Hip-Hopcrisy and a Mix tape.  Although I rarely do shows I’m one of the biggest promoters of my music. I promote and grind my cd’s throughout Chicago and  many people know me just from doing that. I would like for you all to visit my music/ artist website as soon as you can:


My future site for my educational website will be www.

Thanks for visiting my blog !